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With our many years of experience, we will only offer you beauty and body treatments that provide the best results.

La femme Beauty offers a wide range of services and treatments to keep you and your body looking and feeling it’s best.

If you are after something that you don’t see listed, you can always ask for something special and we may be able to accommodate you.

Holistic Body Treatments

Well-being and vitality for body and mind.

A range of relaxing treatments including plant and fruit extracts to calm and soothe.

Holistic Body Treatments
Aromatic Body Contouring Treatment The Firming Treatment This body sculpting treatment uses an anti-cellulite sculpting massage with essential oils and a clay mask to leave the skin feeling firm and beautifully soft. The Clay and Green Tea Saunamasque, drains excess water from the body leaving the silhouette immediately refined with reduced signs of cellulite 1 hour – €82
Aromatic Body Polish The Exfoliating Treatment Achieve firm and silky-smooth skin with this complete body exfoliation which helps to eliminate dry, flaky skin, refining the skin’s texture. The exfoliation is followed by a body moisturiser leaving the skin soothed and refreshed. 45 mins  – €50
Aromatic Self Tanning The Summer Glow Treatment This moisturising self-tanning treatment gives a long-lasting, evenly bronzed colour to the skin. A full body exfoliation perfectly prepares the skin for an even, golden tan. This treatment is a quick and effective way to maintain a post-holiday glow! 45 minutes – €75
Aromatic Body Softening The Relaxation Treatment This complete body exfoliation with a sugar-kiwi scrub is followed by a relaxing massage with energising essential oils, designed to thoroughly soften and relax the entire body. 1 hour – €80
Aromatic Full Body Massage The Relaxation Massage This relaxing and energising massage uses Essential Oils for a moment of pure bliss. The relaxing massage provides you with amazingly soft skin and a feeling of well-being and serenity. 1 hour – €66
Hydradermie for the Back   A deep cleansing treatment for clearing blocked pores and improving skin texture. This special back treatment purifies and rehydrates the skin 1 hr 15 mins €65.
A course of three €160
Swedish Body Massage   This treatment helps to relax and ease the muscles, gets rid of any tension and achieves a sense of overall wellbeing. A full body massage 1 hr €60.
Back, neck and shoulders 45 mins €45
Pregnancy Massage   This is the perfect rejuvenating treatment to support the wonderful journey to motherhood. Melt away aches and pains associated with pregnancy and feel comfortably supported and restored. It is a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness and relaxation during pregnancy. Full body 1 hr €60
Mirific Softness Treatment

Softening Treatment With 4 Precious Oils

The exfoliation with 4 Precious Oils (Passion Flower, Evening Primrose, Camellia and Argan) and Apricot Kernel Seeds helps remove dead skin cells and reinforces the effectiveness of Skincare Products applied afterwards. It leaves the skin with a soft, beautiful sheen.

Full body 30mins



Firming Manual Treatments

Achieve visible slimming and firming results from the very first treatment with the Techni-Slimming and Techni-Firming treatments from Guinot. Using an in-depth massage combined with carefully formulated serums and a unique body wrap technique, these specially designed manual treatments visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite and restore the skin’s firmness.
Slimming & Firming Treatments
Techni Slimming The Ultimate Manual Slimming Treatment Containing key actives of Caffeine and IsoSlim Complex, this unique treatment combats stubborn cellulite whilst inhibiting the formation of new fat in the targeted area, refining and smoothing the silhouette. 1 hour – €75
Techni Firming The Ultimate Manual Firming Treatment Designed to firm the body and tone the skin using key actives of Crelastin B to improve skin’s elasticity and Alaria Esculenta to fight against skin’s slacking. 1 hour – €75

Other Body Treatments

We offer a range of extra treatments for the body
Body Treatments
Minimi Wrap The Ultimate Manual Slimming Treatment minimi helps break down fatty deposits by nonsurgical lipolysis without the need for surgery and has the power to drop a dress size… along with cellulite- busting ingredients! • Targets fat reduction in specific problem areas • Permanent fat loss not fluid! • Results seen in a hour • Results progress over 3 days • Improves skin tone, tightens and firms • Reduces the appearance of cellulite €60 / Course of 6 – €300
Back Hydradermie Treatment Short Description DESCRIPTION €50
Pregnancy massage Back, neck & shoulder massage DESCRIPTION 50 minutes – €40
Full body massage DESCRIPTION 1 hour 10 minutes – €60

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