Plenty of external elements play havoc on the skin in the winter and can really dry it out and make it more sensitive. 

Sunscreen should always be a priority as the wind can be just as damaging as the sun. Being exposed to wind may reduce the skin’s natural skin protection and cause the outer layer of skin to dry out and weaken.

So if you are outdoors a lot, whether it be walking the dog or playing a few holes on the golf course practicing thorough sun protection is more important than ever when the wind is blowing.

Protect Your Skin with SPF

I always keep a lightweight SPF 50 in my handbag, it soaks in quickly and can even be applied over makeup. I also keep one in the Glovebox of my car so I’m not caught out.

You can also get ones that are lightly tinted that  when used alone give the skin a radiant glow and can be used as a base before your make up.

I don’t wear foundation, my skin is too dry and I have never found one that feels comfortable and gives me that flawless finish so during the winter I always wear a tinted one.

My favorite is the Guinot Brightening UV shield SPF 50. Its part of their brightening range, Vitamin C  prevents pigmentation and evens out the skin tone and prevents further discoloration so it’s a win-win!

How to Hydrate Your Skin

winter skin hydration with Guinot at La Femme Beauty Salon

Hydration is key for the skin during the winter months. Everything from cooler weather and overly hot baths to spending long periods of time in dry stuffy indoor environments can deprive your skin of moisture and make it look dry and flaky as the air around us gets drier.

Like your clothes your skincare also has to Change, go from a lightweight cream to a more heavy-duty moisturiser.pop a serum into your skincare routine to go under your day cream and use a weekly mask.

Masks are so underrated and are a fabulous add on to your skincare regime at any time of the year but particularly the winter.

My Favourite is the Guinot Masque Essential packed with essential oils.